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12 ways to rock your wedding greenery

Greenery looks fresh, smells great, and goes so well with flowers! From herbs, eucalyptus, and ivy to elephant ears and succulents, foliage can be just as beautiful as blossoms.
The effect is natural and relaxed, but also gorgeous. Once you pick a wedding greenery theme and a venue, it can inspire many more leafy elements.
Here are twelve places fresh greenery can add to your wedding decor and general vibe for your Cartagena wedding, just go creative with the use of plants!


Bridal Bouquet




Dance Floor

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3 Messages for you during COVID-19

Pic by Braedon Photography @braedonflynn
Of course, the COVID-19 has impacted all of us, and there will come a time when it will be safe to meet, so in preparation for when that time comes, let's now have a new conversation and approach 2021 weddings with these three positive messages that are worth thinking about:1. Your guests will be ready to celebrate!While you're stressed out about what to do next, keep in mind this premise of hope: Your guests will be ready to celebrate, gather, and party in person more than ever. Especially now, your wedding will not just be a wedding celebration, it will be a celebration of unity and resilience… family and friends will be ready for it!

2. Let's postpone your wedding in Cartagena, let's not cancel itYou've probably heard and seen this posted everywhere. But ultimately it is the most important message that we as professionals can send you about the importance of rescheduling. Delaying revenue versus losing it will help you and …

30 Ideas to Make a Cartagena Symbolic Ceremony "Your Own" - PART 1

Adding a ritual to your ceremony is one of the most romantic ways to personalize your day. But we totally understand that it can feel overwhelming to find a rite (or rites) that actually reflects your love. For many couples, the pressure to include certain wedding traditions in their ceremony can be pretty intense. Whether it's your relatives, your venue, or some other external source, sometimes you can feel like you're being forced to have a wedding that doesn't feel 100% like you. 
So, we’ve done the hard work for you and found the most perfect, most unique wedding ceremonials to incorporate into your celebration! These can start you on your "not-so-traditional" wedding journey. 
The best part about this is that you can really customize the rest to your liking. Add things, cut's all up to you!

1. Find a Venue that gives the tone to your ceremony

2. Decide a Theme so you can really customize the rest to your liking

3- Think about How to Enter, you can…

30 Ideas to Make a Cartagena Symbolic Ceremony "Your Own" - PART 2

The most important, MAKE IT YOU!  Remember this is YOUR wedding.   As long as you aren't making anyone uncomfortable or doing anything inappropriate, make your ceremony reflect the two of you.
Go ahead and include things that feel natural to you, make your day more genuine, and make it more memorable… Don't be afraid to do something different or unique!

LINK to the prior 15 ideas here

16. Have containers for a colored Sand Ceremony
17. You could have written Love Letters to read to each other

18. Share Wine and drink it together as your unity ceremony!
19- Have a Rose Ceremony as a special way to incorporate family

20- Receive Friends’ Offerings during the unity